Staff Members

  • If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of our staff members by email or by phoning (207) 732-4141.
  • All address should be formatted in one of the following ways:, or by clicking on the name of the staff member. 
Kelley Weiss     
Heidi Sisco
Carol Cummings 4-Year-Old Program Teacher
Melissa Milner Ed. Tech., 4-Year-Old Program
Ellen Gardner Kindergarten Teacher
Rebecca Ireland Kindergarten Teacher
Gary Libby Kindergarten Teacher
Jeanne Carney 1st Grade Teacher
Sondra Cobb 1st Grade Teacher
Stacie Ludden 1st Grade Teacher
Anne Milton
1st Grade Teacher/Reading Recovery
Louise Haynes 2nd Grade Teacher
Audra Leland 2nd Grade Teacher
Paula Carter 3rd Grade Teacher
Pam Thompson
3rd Grade Teacher
Misty Reinzo 4th Grade Teacher
Melanie Thibodeau 4th Grade Teacher
Judith Jipson
4th Grade Teacher
Peggy Banks 5th Grade Teacher
Jill Gilman 5th Grade Teacher
Angela Priest
PreK-5th grade Social Worker
Jane Harris-Bartley 
K to 12th Grade Social Worker,  Special Education
Jeanne Reed
PreK-12th grade R.N./School Nurse
Michael Drinkwater 
Music/Chorus/Band Teacher
Amanda Cushman Strings Teacher
Adam Boyington Physical Education Teacher
Sasha Bladen Art Education Teacher
Paul Wallace
Computer Teacher
Joanna Kotara                      
Nancy Burgoyne K to 12th Grade Gifted/Talented
Janelle Burgoyne Reading Recovery Teacher Leader
Lynn Fish Literacy Coordinator/Title I Teacher
Barbara Caron
Title I Math Specialist
Bonnet McCaffrey
Special Education Director
Mimi Baker
Special Education Secretary
Peggy Thomas
Special Education Teacher
Teresa MacDonald
Special Education Teacher, 4th grade
Christine (Carroll-)White Special Education Teacher, 2nd & 3rd Grade
Tony (Charles) Major
Educational Technician, Special Education
Nicole Richard
Educational Technician, Special Education
Terri Thibodeau
Educational Technician, Special Education
Jodi Vanadestine Educational Technician, Special Education
Lori Phillips
Food Services
Terry Cummings
Food Services Director
Theresa Jipson
Food Services, Head Cook
Aaron Davis Head Custodian 
Amy Houde
Dennis Mullins
Physical Therapy, Contracted Services
Robin Fugazzi Occupational Therapy, Contracted Services
Adrienne Butler
Psychological Examiner, Contracted Services
Kim McNally
Speech Therapy, Contracted Services
Jean Thibodeau
Technology Support
Gary Roberts    
Technolgy Support